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Our comprehensive range of high-performance products includes:

  • Gas Delivery Equipment
    • Gas Panel
    • Valve Manifold Box (VMB)
    • Gas Rack (GR)
    • Gas Cabinet (GC)
  • Chemical Delivery Equipment
    • Chemical Box
    • Chemical Manifold Box (CMB)
    • Chemical Delivery Module (CDM)
  • Custom Made Production Supporting Equipment
    • MKS Instruments Products (Authorized Distributor for Northern Region of Malaysia)
  • Gas Filter Skid

    Gas Filter Skid

    One of the most critical components in bulk gas systems to remove particles after the gas has passed through the Purifier…

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  • Gas Equipment Parts

    Gas Equipment Parts

    Gas Equipment Parts Over the years, Dynamic has expanded our capabilities to fabricate the most complicated components for semiconductor manufacturing tools.…

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  • MKS Instruments Products

    MKS Instruments Products

    MKS Instruments Products (Authorized Distributor for Northern Region of Malaysia) Dynamic is the authorized distributor for the Northern Region of Malaysia…

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  • Chemical Detergent Transfer System

    Chemical Detergent Transfer System

    This transfer system is used in solar wafer manufacturing plants to transfer chemicals to the manufacturing tools to avoid manual…

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  • Chemical Manifold Box (CMB)

    Chemical Manifold Box (CMB)

    Made from epoxy coated box and Stainless Steel 316L tubing for the inner distribution, the Chemical manifold box is used…

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  • Chemical Box

    Chemical Box

    Chemical Box is commonly used in chemical delivery systems to act as a manifold to distribute chemicals to the manufacturing tools.…

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  • IPA Drum Tank Cabinet

    Another product which is designed and built by Dynamic for customer’s special requirements in their production line for IPA delivery. This…

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